Changes Since 2005 that Make Ironhorse Trailers Look Better

The “tub”—From about halfway up one side of the interior of the trailer, downward and across the floor and up to halfway on the other side, the interior is unblemished gelcoat. A much, much “cleaner look’ than the painted rough side of the fiberglass on each side wall and the painted wood floor.

Tailgate Fit—The gaps between the upper parts of the sides of the tailgate and the door jambs are now uniform and roughly ¼ inch wide as compared to early models where the gaps were not uniform and closer to ¾ inch than to ¼ inch.  To accomplish that, we reworked the door jambs themselves twice and went through three generations of improvements to the fixtures used to weld the corner uprights.

Wheels—The seven spoked aluminum wheels on the newer flip tops are much better and more contemporary looking than the chrome plated steel wheels on the early trailers.

Dirt and Dust—Bikes accumulate considerably less dirt and dust in the newer flip top trailers than they did in the early ones.  To make that happen, we close the openings in the floor around the rear stabilizers and seal the cracks with silicone.  Nevertheless, a minor amount of dirt and dust can still get through as the trailers are designed to vent the gas fumes that would accumulate if a trailer is completely airtight.