1. Independence

Will you be able to ride your bike into your motorcycle trailer and step off, or will you have to put it on the kickstand and get somebody to hold it while you tie it down?

2. Put In Ease

Will your bike roll straight into your motorcycle trailer or will you need to “goose” the throttle to get it to up and over a cradle pivot point? How high is the pivot point?

3. Take Out

Can you just lean backwards and roll back or will getting it out of your motorcycle trailer require a major effort and maybe even somebody with a pry bar?

4. Removability

How hard is it to remove the chock from the floor of your motorcycle trailer, and replace it the next time you need it?

5. Tire Size

What kind of adjustments have to be made for different width and diameter tires and how hard are they?

6. Tire Damage

Are the areas where the chock contacts the tire large enough to distribute the pressure that is an inevitable result of your strapping your bike into the chock?

7. Ruggedness

Is it likely to collapse or is it so overbuilt that it adds fifty pounds or so the weight you’ll trailer? (Some Aisian copies of Made in U.S.A. chocks are made of MUCH thinner metals.)

8. Bulkiness

Is it compact enough to store easily when it is not in your motorcycle trailer or is it so awkwardly shaped that it takes up a lot of storage space?

9. Design

Is the design straightforward are is it over engineered with moving parts that can wear out or fail?

10. Price

Is its cost in line with its capabilities? (Motorcycle wheel chocks start around $40 and go up from there. While you won’t get much for $40, you also won’t get many more benefits if you spend more than $150.)

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