The Widebody is Here At Last!

Currently on its way to Laconai, the first Widebody rolled out of Ironhorse headquarters on June 3rd.

  • Over two feet wider at the handlebars than our standard two bike trailer,
  • Nearly a foot and half wider and half a foot longer at the floor level,
  • A couple of inches more clearance for your bike(s) windshield. and
  • Standard non-slip flooring inside and on the tailgate–the kind of
  • User-friendly changes that create more usable space and
  • Make loading and strapping your bikes down a breeze.
  • With 15 inch wheels and only 200-300 more lbs,
  • You can still move a loaded Widebody by hand
  • And drive right on by most gas stations.

The Fliptop Widebody from Ironhorse Trailers

It’ll even hold two Goldwings side by side without staggering them and with plenty of room between the mirrors.  All this and it still sells for only $7995.

It fits 2 Gold Wings with ease, the market leader in motorcycle trailers!

Many, many of you asked for a trailer with these capabilities.  We believed in your vision enough to spend the $100,000 up front that it took to develop the Widebody and sincerely appreciate the input you provided along the way.  Now’s your chance to see for yourselves how well we followed your advice.

Since all of all of June and most of July’s Widebody production is already sold, you might want to call and reserve yours before the waiting list gets any longer.

4 Replies to “The Widebody is Here At Last!

  1. I like to use the widebody to carry my Caterham Super 7. It is 40 inch height, 66 inch wide, 142 inch overall length or 132 inch long fom the 2 foot height level. It weights 1,280 pounds.

    Will it fit?

  2. Why when you say the Widebody will haul two goldwings do you SHOW two harleys? The two brands are NOT the same width!

  3. Although we have answered this elsewhere, here is an answer for general consumption. Having helped over 800 trailer owners adapt trailers for their particular bike(s), we are very familiar with the challenges that Goldwings present. In the short time since the Widebody has been out, we haven’t had two Goldwings at the factory at the same time. We did have access to the same two Harleys we had used earlier to show how they looked in our standard two-bike trailer. So that is what we used. We’ll buy lunch for the next two Goldwing riders who’ll stop by the factory long enough for a photo shoot.

  4. Although we answered this directly, here is an answer for general consumption. Based on the specs described the best answer is a definite maybe. Neither the height, weight or width apppears to be a problem. The unknown is whether it is 66 inches wide at the extreme front

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