Because they are as outrageously user-friendly as they are beautiful.

Economy—mpg—tow with anything
Safety & stress—cross winds—semis—fishtailing—forget it’s back there

Easy to tow—start —downshift
Stress-free–easy to stop—no push/pull jostling

Tongue weight—xmission position—hard to over or under load
Tongue length—hard to jack knife—no fishtailing
Axle—independent suspension rubber torsion axle

Safety–full width tailgate/loading ramp
Convenience 1—proprietary ride-on step-off wheel chocks
Convenience 2—no tow vehicle required

Tie Down
Security—5,000 d-rings and front wheel chocks pre-installed
Convenience 1–d-rings in the right place for 2 strap tie-down
Convenience 2—no need to crawl around front—tie down in middle

Hitch/Unhitch–Put away/Retrieve
Convenience 1—front rolling jack—move tongue as needed
Convenience 2—front rolling jack—move trailer by hand—even loaded

Convenience 1—Low enough to fit under standard garage door
Convenience 2—Can use as garage within a garage for bikes

Exterior—no rivets–gelcoat easy to hose down/wipe off—long life
Hardware—LED lights and aluminum wheels last forever
Wheel bearings—E-Z lube

Responsiveness—Heroic customer service when circumstances warrant
Technical advice—As close as your phone—as specific as your problem
Longevity—Nominal warranty term vs. actual term

Resale/Trade-in Value
Why sell—family demands, physical issues, financial reversals
Ironhorse resale–75% of IH price new price after several years
Low price alt resale—50% after a couple of years
Trade-in—IH always takes its trailers in trade