At Ironhorse Trailers, the leading streamlined fiberglass cycle carrier on the market, this question seems to come up more and more often, especially since the introduction of the new Harley trike.  There are three issues—length, width and height, and we have three different fliptops—(see triglide trailer could be yours

The wide body trailerOur WideBody is our widest, longest and tallest cycle hauler and will accommodate two of anything up to and including two Boss Hosses.  With a tailgate opening that is 90+ inches wide, a usable internal width at the handlebars of 101+ inches, an internal height of almost 64 inches, a usable internal length of 132 inches and a top that flips up from the rear, it’s very user friendly.  Goldwing trikes with Tulsa windshields are well within its limits as are Can-Am Spyders, Thoroughbred Stallions and even some VW trike conversions.  With the tailgate down and the top up, it looks from the rear like a C130 ready for loading.

Our two-bike flip top can handle most but not necessarily all trikes.  What you have to keep in mind is that even though a trailer may have the internal width to accommodate your ride, you’ve still got to get through the tailgate opening.  Unfortunately this is not as simple as it sounds.  The tailgate of our two bike cycle hauler is 72 inches wide but the door jambs and stabilizer jack housings cut the available width to 67 inches.  Fortunately that’s plenty wide for Honda and Harley trike conversions and Can-Am Spyders and still leaves enough room to step off and walk out rather than having to climb over your tour pack.  But but side-car motorcycles and VW trike conversions are simply out of the question.

In some cases, width isn’t an issue, but length is.   A Thoroughbred Stallion will fit through the door of our two-bike cycle hauler, but it’s just a little bit too long for it.  Although the trailer is a little longer than the Stallion, the proprietary hinge for the top is mounted exactly in the middle of the front of the trailer and is about a foot and a half wide.  The hinge combined with the rearward slope of the front of the body limits the usable length at the two foot level to 120 inches..

With a tailgate opening that is only 49 inches wide, our one bike fliptop is one heck of a single motorcycle trailer but it does have its limits.  Although it’s wide enough for two scooters or motorcross bikes, there are only a few narrow track trikes that will fit through the door.  .

Hopefully this answers your capacity questions.  If not, get the specs for what you want to haul and call us at 931-668-8860. Towing will never be as much fun as riding but Ironhorse Trailers make it a lot less painful.


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